SOLACI-SOCIME 2022 Congress Authorities

SOLACI Congresses results from the hard work and the joint effort of an important team of experts and we are well aware that without their relentless dedication and passionate commitment it would be impossible to bring forth this event year after year.

Therefore, in this case, we want to express our most sincere gratitude to all those that have made part of SOLACI-SOCIME Congress Scientific Committee.


Invited Societies - SOLACI-CACI 2021


  • Dr. Luis Berumen Domínguez (Mex).
  • Dr. Jorge Emiliano Carrillo Guevara (Mex).
  • Dr. Francisco García García (Mex).
  • Dr. Fernando Huerta (Mex).
  • Dr. Armando Juárez Valdes (Mex).
  • Dr. José Luis Leiva Pons (Mex).
  • Dr. Yigal Piña Reyna (Mex).


  • Dr. Alejandro Díaz Cabañas (Mex).
  • Dr. Roberto Muratalla González.
  • Dr. José Guadalupe Ortíz Medina (Mex).
  • Dr. Fernando Huerta Liceaga (Mex).
  • Dra. Mayra Guerrero (USA).
  • Dr. Eduardo Arias Sánchez (Mex).
  • Dr. Jorge Carrillo Guevara (Mex).
  • Dr. Eufracino Sandoval Rodríguez (Mex).
  • Dr. Alfaro Marchena Noriega (Pan).
  • Dr. Alejandro Alcocer Chauvet (Mex).
  • Dr. Gabriel Maluenda (ProEducar) (Chi).
  • Dr. Leandro Lasave (ProEducar) (Arg).
  • Dr. Gustavo Vignolo (Uru).
  • Dr. Oscar Millan Iturbe (Mex).
  • Dra. Emma Miranda Malpica (Mex).
  • Dr. Luis Marroquin Donday (Mex).
  • Dr. Fausto Férez (Bra).
  • Dr. Oscar Méndiz (Arg).
  • Dr. Carlos E. Uribe (Col).
  • Dr. Marcelo Halac (Arg).


  • Dr. Omar Santaera (SOLACI) (Arg)
  • Dr. Francisco García García (SOCIME) (Mex)


Lic. Carolina Pallavicini