Dr. Ribichini will be at the next SOLACI Congress

Flavio Ribichini was born in Argentina. He graduated as a physician in 1986, from the National University of Córdoba. After a two year fellowship, he travelled to Italy to finish his studies, where he currently lives.


At present, this renowned professional is an associate professor to Verona Cardiovascular Medicine University, Director of the Interventional Cardiology Unit of Verona University Hospital (one of the most prestigious centers in Europe) and Director of the Heath Sciences PhD program of Verona University.

You cannot miss the activities he will take part in during our next Congress:


  • August 2nd, from 16:40 to 18:00 h; Room: Buen Ayre C; “How to make TAVR a safer and simpler procedure”; Role: Speaker: “Minimalistic TAVR. When and Whom: Reducing hospital cost or improving clinical outcome”.
  • August 3rd, from 10:40 to 12:00 h; Room: Buen Ayre A; “Structural heart disease: Challenging cases in our everyday practice”; Medtronic award; Role: Panelist.
  • August 4th, from 09:00 to 10:30 h; Room: Pacifico Main Arena; “Great debate: Innovations in stent platforms: BVS versus DES”; Role: Agonist: “Can the new platforms change the practice?”.
  • August 4th, from 12:10 to 13:40 hs; Room: Pacifico Main Arena; “Great debate: TAVR vs Aortic valve replacement surgery at moderate-low risk”; Role: Speaker: “TAVI intermediate risk: Reality or passion?”.

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