SOLACI-CACI 2017: All Winners

See the list of winners for all contests carried out as part of the last SOLACI-CACI 2017 Congress. The names were announced on Friday, August 4th, at the Congress closing ceremony.


SOLACI-CACI 2017 Congress Best Abstract Award:

Winner: Dr. Gabriel Maluenda.

Tema:“Single Trans-Septal Access Technique for Left Atrial Intracardial Echocardiography to Guide Left Atrial Appendage Closure”.

SOLACI-CACI 2017 Congress Best E-Poster Award:

Winner: Dr. Cristian Calenta (presented in behalf of Dr. Lucas Mas).

Tema:“Interconnected Network for the Provision of Medical Care to Patients with ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction. Initial Results and Impact on Mortality.”

SOLACI-CACI 2017 Congress Best Pediatric Abstract Award:

Winner: Dr. Daniel Springmuller.

Tema: “Evolution of Cardiac Catheterization in Adult Patients with Congenital Heart Disease".

SOLACI-CACI 2017 Congress Best Technician Abstract Award:

Winner: Dr. Victor Marcelino.

Tema:“Is Radial Access Associated with Higher Radiation than Femoral Access in Coronary Angiography?”

SOLACI-CACI 2017 Congress Second-Best Technician Work Award:

Winner: Dr. Regiane Canoa Camboim.

Tema: “Identificação e classificação do sangramento no sítio de punção radial após angioplastia transluminal coronariana percutánea.”

SOLACI-CACI 2017 Congress MEDTRONIC Best Structural Work Award:

Winner: Dr. Carlos Fava.

Tema:“Percutaneous Repair of a Left Ventricular Pseudoaneurysm After Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation.”

SOLACI SESSIONS Oro Award for Best Clinical Case, Sponsored by Abbott Latin America:

Winner: Dr. Martin Valdebenito (CHILE).

Winner of the SOLACI SESSIONS Medical Image Contest:

Winner: Dr. Lorena Viñole (Uruguay).

Best Exams at ProEducar Course “José Gabay”:

  • 1st Prize: Pablo Mehevech.
  • 2nd Prize: Jonathan Miara López.
  • 3rd Prize: Efraim Flam.
  • 4th Prize: Rodolfo Pedrazzi Poma.

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